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April 4th will see the launch of MediaOne’s first project, Mediaworks.

Inclusive workshops for young people

What is It?

Mediaworks will offer young people aged 18-25, who are out of work and not in higher education, the opportunity to learn more about the film, tv, radio, and music industries through a series of short workshops and events.

Devised by the MediaOne team and developed in collaboration with AB Productions, Sin Records, Lux Productions, SG Music, The Studio, KX Radio, and The Official Big Night; this project hopes to be the start of something big for the creative industries in Manchester and beyond.

Mediaworks was created from a deeply rooted belief that by connecting people through workshops and inclusive events, individuals can improve their employability as well as creating new opportunities, and jobs, for themselves and others.

This project has been in the making for over 7 months, including a photoshoot in January for the faces of MediaWorks. The aim is to connect and inspire a group of young people by delivering an exciting project which will help to develop skills and encourage learning. The project will help lift the aspirations of the young people involved and help them make informed career choices as well as contributing to Manchester’s booming creative economy.

How Does it Work?

Each MediaWorks sector will begin with a short taster event. This will introduce attendees to the industries and different roles available within them. They will get the chance to take part in a short interactive activity, ask questions about the hosts and industry, get CV assistance and leave with referrals and resources to help guide their next steps. There will then be a follow-up practical workshop and final event to celebrate the completion of the course.

If you have any questions or would like to be involved please get in touch. info@mediaoneworks.co.uk


Notes to the editor:

MediaOne is a new collective designed to support young people into work, specifically in the media sectors of TV, Film, Radio and Music. Based in Manchester, they are ideally placed in Media City and are working closely with SG music, AB Productions, KX Radio and ITV to provide information packed workshops for unemployed young people.

Contact information: CMO Alena Doors alena@mediaoneworks.co.uk

*names and personal details have been changed

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