2020 was a challenging year. And, while there is hope on the horizon, 2021 certainly seems to be throwing some serious curveballs at us. It’s only been two weeks!

Over the coming months, I hope to be able to share stories from small businesses around the UK, to celebrate the start-up, and the creativity of those who have had to change their lives, and businesses, around.

“Quality northern garms for quality Northerners”

Many of you will be familiar with the first business in focus for my small business shout out. What started as a side hustle around five years ago really took off last summer. Based in Levenshulme, Manchester, with products made in the north of England, It’s a tiny operating team. But, with a growing customer base, and ever-increasing product lines, this can certainly be chalked up on the side of 2020 success stories. I spoke to Jules Daniels towards the end of last year, here’s what she had to say:

Yes, it is.

How did Northern Power Garms come about?

We started the business at the end of June this year. It has very quickly grown from strength to strength. We have an ever-growing online following on Instagram and Facebook, and some already very loyal customers who are always buying our new designs, which we love!

“I’m a makeup artist by trade, but Covid scuppered that one for me. With a new baby on the way, we had to quickly come up with a contingency plan, and thankfully it has all paid off!”


We have been selling The North’s Ace T-shirts sporadically for 5 years, but in June we decided to go big. I created the brand, the website and all the social channels; it took off literally overnight.

“It’s been tough at times but so worth it.”


What challenges have you faced?

So far, not many! We rarely get returns, and when we do they’re sorted quickly. After working in a customer facing retail industry for six years, the customer service side of things is actually quite enjoyable! Plus we can work from home.

“I think the main challenge for us will be juggling a new baby and the rush of Christmas orders, but we have a strong team on hand. We’ve got this!”

Reet good

What’s next for Northern Power Garms?

I spoke to Jules more recently and things are going well for the team. Baby Raphi arrived safely in October, and Christmas was as busy as expected; social media was flooded with pictures of Northern Power Garms Christmas gifts.

With regards to what we can expect next, Jules assures me there are some exciting new colours on the way for the new season, and a photoshoot to show them off as soon as covid restrictions allow it.

At a time where loungewear has become the norm and we are wearing pyjamas to the (home) office, Northern Power Garms have found a perfect balance between high quality, good value and functional clothing, ready for wear in the outside world when we are finally set free.

And finally, the all important question:

Where can you get your hands on some of these quality northern garms?

You can find Northern Power Garms on Instagram @northernpowergarms, on Facebook, or on their website

There’s something for everyone: earrings, tote bags, decals, baby rompers, t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. Sizes from age 3 to 3XL.

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