The second installment of Icon’s Small Business Shout-Out will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. Get your slippers on and make a brew, this is an operation full of heart.

What is Botany&Books?

Botany&Books is the brainchild of ex-West End theatre manager Thalia Caddy. Born from a deep love of reading, and having made candes as gifts in the past, Botany&Books pairs preloved books with handmade soy candles carefully crafted to invoke the location of the story.

“I believe in the power of storytelling and the value in escapism…my job was in theatre and with that taken away I wanted to find another way to provide that escapism”

Thalia Caddy

Pairings so far have included: Romeo and Juliet with a Verona candle (layers of plum, nectarine, vanila and geranium); The Great Gatsby and the West Egg candle (aromatic pink peppercorn); and Wuthering Heights with a Yorkshire Moors candle (wild blackberry and bay leaf).

Kindness and Mindfulness

One of the loveliest parts of this business is the underlying service element of helping people find their way to reading, or back to reading, and ultimately helping them carve out some time to escape and relax. The addition of the candle helps the reader to overcome distractions, creates a sense of occasion when it comes to sitting down to read, and adds another dimenson to entering the world of the book.

Thalia’s passion for reading and desire to help others find the same joy is obvious, and somewhat contagious. She even has a blog post to help you get started.

“remembering its ok to slow down and enjoy a balanced life is key”

Thalia, on starting her business

“Sometimes, it’s clear where the candle needs to take you. Gatsby HAD to be in West Egg. That’s where the party is happening, that’s where the big moments happen. “

Thalia, in her blog post 5 Steps to Create the Perfect Candle

Botany&Books is even kind to the planet, finding homes for secondhand books, and only using plant-based, vegan ingredients and botanical essential oils for the candles. No plastic is used, and any packaging is made from recycled materials or recyclable material.

What’s Next for Botany&Books?

From launching in May 2020, to launching a subscription service, and gaining a following of over 2,600 book lovers on instagram so far, it looks as though Botany&Books has a bright future ahead. With the launch of a book journal in the planning stages, 2021 is set to be an exciting year for this company and its followers.

Sign Me Up!

You can find out more about subscriptions, gifts and get tips on how to get into reading on the Botany&Books website Or, for a peek into the world of books and candle making, find Thalia on instagram @botanyandbooksco

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