If you have been following my blog you’ll know I got ever-so-slightly distracted from my bi weekly small business shout-out goals by giving non-advice for creating a work from home schedule, being kind to yourself, not following that advice, and a little something about biscuits.

But, I am happy to say, Icon Copy’s small business shout-outs are back! I am really excited to share this week’s small business feature with you. I stumbled across Zebra Knits on Instagram and they’ve created something wonderfully weird, but cosy and familiar all at the same time.

I was hooked, so I had to reach out. I interviewed the creator, Lily Parker earlier this week. Read on to find out more.

Knitted, knotted Zebra Knits

Who is Zebra Knits?

Lily Parker, from Southport originally, came to Manchester to study at Manchester School of Art where she fell in love with the art of knitting, and the dizzying array of different outcomes that can be achieved using a knitting machine.

After being made redundant twice due to COVID, Lily decided to push forward with Zebra Knits.

“I made the decision [to work for myself] after coming to the realisation that I can either work really hard for someone else, or I can work really hard for myself, and realise my own dreams”

Lily, on taking the plunge to start her business

What are Zebra Knits?

“Wonky weird knits for your heart”

Zebra Knits

They are big, knitted, then knotted, cushions. Lily offers a huge range of patterns, colours and sizes, from keychains to the giant sausages pictured above, so you can really let your imagination run wild.

Traditional crafts are, yet again, being reimagined. With new colours and trends taking crochet and knitting to new heights, Zebra Knits really hits (knits) it out of the park with these unique and comfortable accessories.

And why Zebra Knits you ask? It’s her favourite animal print.

Using a knitting machine, Lily is able to build her creations

How did Zebra Knits come about?

While busy working for a commmercial interiors company, Lily felt as though she was losing her creativity as there was no outlet for it in her day-to-day work. She began using her knitting machine at the weekends in her spare time and, after experimenting with different patterns, colours and techniques, the knotted shapes were born. The brand took off quickly after that.

“I’m so happy I can create exactly what I want and i have a supportive customer base that enjoys my ideas”


What has been your biggest challenge, and proudest moment so far?

Every day brings with it new challenges. Usually it is technical problems with the knit machine itself but recent changes in trading laws with the EU have also brought issues with deliveries arriving late and delaying production. But, Lily says the biggest challenge for anyone beginning a creative endeavour is self belief. And I have to say I agree.

“Believing in yourself and your capabilities the entire time is nearly impossible. I have to remind myself I’m bound to have tough days”

Pretty wise words. Aspiring creators, take heed!

In regards to her proudest moments, like any new small business owner will tell you, Lily says there have been so many, but they often seem small to the outside observer. Every time she recieves an enquiry, or an order, or sometimes even just a like and a comment on social media it feels great. It is satisfying to create things that people can enjoy.

“There will always be something that goes wrong but in the long run I will only remember the feeling of success at the end of it”

This interviewer is impressed.

Whats next for Zebra knits?

Anything and everything! You never know what’s around the corner, Lily tells me she is just excited to keep knitting and pushing the brand … we’ll have to see where it leads.

At the time of publishing, Lily has just launched an exclusive collection with Nata Concept Store, and with more retail outlets already interested in stocking Zebra Knits, hopefully this is only the beginning!

Readers, I know you are thinking….

Where can I get my hands on these wonderful knotted knits?

Check out Lily’s work on Instagram or head to the Zebra Knits website.

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