Is A.I. Copywriting an Insult to Consumers?

Yes, technology is remarkable. But, are we really willing to hand over our creative reins to the robots? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of A. I. Copywriting.

Yesterday I watched a video of a pizza restaurant run entirely by robots, I’ve been following news about 3D printed human organs for years, and who can forget those incredible (albeit very creepy) Boston Dynamics robot dogs that can OPEN DOORS?


But, even given the profoundly fantastic and life-changing implications of modern technology, something doesn’t sit right with me when it comes to artificial intelligence writing copy. And no, it’s not because I’m worried I’ll be out of a job.

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For Humans, by Humans

Call me old fashioned, but some things need a human touch. When it comes to creating, selling and growing your brand, emotion is one of the most powerful tools we use.

Robot-made pizza might very well taste phenomenal, but, like writing, a restaurant is about more than the food. Your relationship with your servers, the atmosphere, the ambiance, the passion in an expertly crafted dish is all part of the experience.

When we write persuasive copy that turns browsing into sales, it works because we are humans, writing to other humans and speaking to a desire for something only another human could understand.

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Creativity is Yet to be Replicated

No one likes to be sold to, but we all appreciate a clever website or catchy wording. It is a craft. Humans are natural storytellers and computers have yet to be able to replicate truly authentic and relatable sounding language.

Besides. successful and inspiring copy for your website or social media requires a great deal more work than simply feeding a topic into a machine. Successful content marketing requires a strategy. It requires a brand story.

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The Benefits of A.I. Copy

Now, don’t think for one minute I want to destroy the machines. I am an academic at heart and love research for its own sake as well as the potential betterment of humankind.

I also love the hilarious results of some A.I. writing.

In regards to very large companies who may require the multiplication of hundreds, or thousands, of lines of basic copy i.e. product descriptions, A.I. can offer a speedy and effective service.

Some articles speak of the benefits of eradicating human error and bias, but great copy should have a bias. It should speak to your clients and tell a story they want to be part of.

Is This the End for Copywriters?

A.I. copywriting is a quick solution for quantity over quality. It is ineffective for all types of copy. it will never replace all human writing, there needs to be a level of input from humans at some stage in the process.

As a consumer myself, I appreciate the effort that goes into well-written stories and content marketing. Frankly, it would feel lazy, and a little insulting, if it seemed a company wouldn’t put that effort in.

It is certainly set to change the face of content as it develops. For more detail, click here.

So, no I’m not worried about my toaster taking over my job. Not yet anyway.

I’d love to know what your thoughts are! Do you love a well-crafted story? Comment below or send me a message.

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