Hi. I’m Alex, owner and founder of Icon Copy.

A keen traveller and linguistics enthusiast, I love to meet new people and discover new places. Learning about different cultures has always been an outlet to feed my curiosity about the world.

So, how does this help me write engaging copy? Travelling and teaching English built on my confidence in communication, and my abilities in building rapport with people of all ages and different cultures. I make a point of taking the time to really understand my customers, and their businesses, as part of any project. By fostering meaningful working relationships I hope to uncover the real driving force for my clients; what it is that makes them tick. This enables me to provide the best and most personal service I can: writing unique and exciting copy for your business.

“Icon Copy was born from a love of language crafting and my passion for the English language.”

Years spent working in sales, marketing, hospitality, teaching and events have provided me with a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to the table in any new collaboration.

I believe honest and open communication is the cornerstone of any successful business relationship, and I look forward to working with you.



Timely and concise communication is vital to manage expectations, and ultimately complete projects successfully. Communicating with clients and team mates has been at the heart of all my experience to date. I will provide regular updates on my progress, and check in with you, providing opportunities to feedback during the course of a project so we can create something together that you are totally happy with.


In order to establish the best approach for you and your business I need to be able to find out about different groups of people and areas of industry in a short space of time. My experience in events, marketing, office management, and academia have given me all the skills to carry out research efficiently and with great accuracy.


I am a firm believer in the power of building excellent working relationships. Keeping in touch with a good network of people from a range of working environments can be an invaluable resource. Sharing knowledge and support helps to builds a working community which is at the heart of what I want to achieve with Icon Copy.


Copywriting is about innovation and creativity. Whether that’s trying to find new ways to sell old ideas in a well-established business, or a new business start-up with a brand new concept. I will work closely with you to create the right voice and content for your brand. Whatever stage of business planning or rebranding you are at, I can help.


This is a highly condensed summary of my experiences so far. I would love to talk more with you about any questions you might have. Please feel free to get in touch.

Freelance Copywriter

Working with a small start up company around six years ago, I found myself writing more and more content and copy for various areas of the business. Marketing documents, sales pitches and press releases, events programmes and resource documents, invitations and instructions. During this time I began to reach out to some other businesses to grow my skillset, and have since written blogs, SEO articles, press releases, marketing emails, website content and CVs for a wide range of different companies.

English Teacher

Like many others, I planned to teach English as a way to fund travelling around Asia. However, I found a real passion in teaching. The love of my job kept me in Hanoi, Vietnam for nearly two years. Working in another country has its own challenges. Communication between co-workers, students and parents who speak English as a second language, with varying degrees of ability, has to be well thought out and often explained in different ways if something is not understood.


Starting out in the oh-so-glamorous world of ink, toner and stationery sales, and moving to legal software sales, I worked in new business, nationwide field sales, and as an account manager. I gained a great deal of knowledge about the legal and software industries but also learnt how to communicate with people from all levels of business and from all backgrounds, both inside the company and externally. Sales and customer service have been part of all of my job history, built on the foundations of good communication and excellent relationships.

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