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I love to write, and currently do so from my home in Manchester which I share with my partner and my dog.

Distinctive, personal, iconic.


For big impact copy that speaks directly to your ideal client, you need to hire a copywriter. Icon Copy can write bespoke and engaging copy specifically for your target audience. With experience across many industries, highly skilled in different writing styles, and a passion for communication and connection, I can help create or develop your brand’s voice and help you stand out from the crowd.

Web Copy & Landing Pages

The language used across your website and any other supporting documentation has the capability to set you apart from your competition. Hiring a copywriter will help tailor your message for the right audience and set the tone for your brand’s reputation. By using Icon Copy, you are guaranteed high quality copy that reads well and invokes a reaction from your audience, without sounding like an obvious sell. As part of this service, I will research and communicate carefully with you about your business and requirements, to create interesting copy that will engage your customers and leave a lasting impression. Give me a call, or book in for a callback by clicking here.

Product Descriptions

Whether you use your own website, or sell via amazon or eBay, Icon Copy can bost your sales with clear and concise copy written specifically for the platform you are selling on. Bringing you bags of characterand unique product descriptions, without sacrificing keywords and important information.

Social Media

You can save precious time in your day-to-day routine by outsourcing your social media copywriting. By crafting concise and attention-grabbing copy, I can help you cut through the noise of social media to better your engagement with both existing and potential customers. Each social media platform has a different readership, and your copy needs to be tailored to these audiences for the best results. To discuss how I can help your business boost its social media presence, book a free discovery call with me here.

Email Campaigns & Direct Mail

Using cleverly crafted headlines, or subject lines in email, the right copy can ensure your letter or email is opened and read, rather than being immediately discarded. To discuss how I can help you improve your reach, re-engage with lapsed clients, and land new clients book a free discovery call with me here.

Leaflets & Brochures

Leaflets and brochures remain some of the best tools for boosting sales and engaging with your audience. Whether they are printed or used in PDF for, contact Icon Copy for unique and iconic copy guaranteed to captivate your reader and start a conversation.

Any other content.

If you need help with personal documents please do get in touch. Indiviudal services include help with blogs, newsletters, feature articles, Air BnB guides for guests, company whitepapers, CV and cover letters, sales pitches and proposals. Contact me to find out more.

Copy Editing

Icon Copy’s proofreading and copy editing services provide you with the reassurance there are no minor errors in your copy, which can look untidy and ultimately affect your brand reputation. An independant editor can be objective; by providing a viewpoint from outside your company you will ensure there is consistency in your message. As part of this service, I will discuss your specific requirements, and the level at which you would like me to edit. Additional services include: fact checking, assessment of the overall structure, editing the layout, and clarifying the tone of your copy for optimum impact. Get in touch to find out how I can help you and your business.


Are you struggling to know where to start? Whether you are a new or established business it can be hard to pin down marketing essentials like customer profiles, or choose which social media channels are right for you. Don’t struggle on your own. Email with ‘consult’ in the subject line and I will arrange a free discovery call with you asap to help set you on the right track.

Excellent job! I requested the job on Friday midday, got a reply within 5 minutes and a start to the job within 30 min. The job took 2 hours and was completed with professionalism and high satisfaction! Very pleased!

Charlotte A.

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