Icon Copy: An Introduction.

Hi, I’m Alex, and I started a business during a global pandemic. Read on for more information about this slightly unconventional decision.

This wasn’t, strictly speaking, an overnight decision. I’ve thought about setting up my own copywriting business for a number of years. When the first lockdown was announced, I was excited about doing more writing work with a view to setting up a website in the future.

I’ll be honest though, for the greater part of lockdown in March, April and May, I did absolutely nothing. I subscribed to art boxes, which are still unopened and taking up space in my hallway. I purchased loungewear, watched Come Dine With Me, and ate cheese. I bought, and continue to buy, books at a rate only a computer could process them. I got a dog.

Introducing my dog, Snoop.

However, in all the uncertainty this year has brought about and with more time on my hands, I began contemplating my goals and passions. Having almost had my fill of daytime TV, I started playing around with company names and doodling logos. From Lexicon to Alexicon to Icon Copy, something clicked, and that set the wheels in motion.

Photo credit: www.vennphotography.co.uk

So, why copywriting?

  • I’ve always loved the intricacies of the English language and its uses. A natural flair for spelling and grammar led me to complete a level four diploma in proofreading and copy editing. Finding success and enjoyment in this, I looked at, pursuing my interests further.
  • I realised I have been writing copy and content as part of many roles in different industries over the years.
  • My background in sales and marketing gives me a solid understanding of how to communicate with a view to drive business or raise brand awareness.
  • I believe the research and communication that accompanies writing can be a way to explore the world, much like immersing yourself in a good book. By working closely with clients to understand their lives and businesses, I can travel outside of my own day to day existence and ultimately feed my curiosity about the world.

Over the next year I hope to provide articles ranging from tips for those tackling their own copy, to features on other small and independent businesses, and everything in between.

Follow me on Instagram @iconcopy to stay informed about new content.

Here’s to the next chapter!

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